Graeme Selby

The Professional


Graeme has been in the printing trade for over 30 years and has a very broad experience in all areas of the industry including commercial, digital and web printing. He understands the whole print process for sales, finance, production and especially client services.  He worked for many years for a major printing group in the UK as Sales Manager and then Managing Director and also a time in Spain, before moving to the Middle East. The last 10 years has seen him working in major corporations in United Arab Emirates and more recently in Oman as General Manager of the largest commercial printer in that country. Apart from Europe and the Middle East he also has knowledge of the Asian market.     





The Person


I have been married to Elisabeth for 30 years who continually helps me in all aspects of my life, of which I am gratefully thankful for. I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and especially South East Asia and try to absorb any culture I come across. Being outside with friends and family is a favourite pastime. I am actively involved with groups that encourage and train young talent in the Middle East and frequently speak at events for this cause. 




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Graeme is passionate about ‘all things print’ and firmly believes in helping people to reach their full potential to ensure the industry continues to be strong and successful.