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How to earn more next year, than you did this year.

27 October 2015

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Most of us, would like to see our income increasing, year on year and presumably, if you are reading this article then that applies to you as well?

Like all things in life that we aspire to, it helps to stack the odds in our favour of a successful outcome by having a plan – so how should you be planning, in order to earn more next year than you did this year?

The first step, is arriving at the decision, as to whether your career is moving in the direction that you want and whether you really are achieving job satisfaction. Do you feel valued and appreciated by your current employer, do you feel they understand you and your aspirations and can they provide you with the career path you are seeking? We know that people that feel passionate and appreciated generally, operate at a higher level than those that don’t. When did you last have a formal assessment with your immediate report / HR team. If not recently, then this is long over due for both parties to feedback to each other and for agreed goals / promotions to be set for your performance next year and the rewards you will earn for achievement.

You may, have been feeling for some time now, that you wish for a slight or radical change in your career, in which case investigations need to start now as to what qualifications you will need. Where can the training and education take place and what time lines are you committing to. Book your slot for an immediate start - after all, dreams are only dreams but action will make them a reality. Talk to your employer ( if there is scope to do so ) about how they will be able to benefit from your enhanced and/or new skills and qualifications. Agree, increased remuneration scope, that can be achieved upon completion of your program. If it looks unlikely that they can provide you with the additional earning scope, start registering with head-hunters and recruiters who will know your extra value upon completion and will be only too happy to make introductions to alternative employers.

You may have reached the conclusion, that you can only see a brighter more financially rewarding future by changing employer and in which case you should be ensuring you are match fit for this journey. Your CV needs to be completely up to date, polished and matching your linkedIn profile. Remember to include all your contact details, complete employment history together with achievements. Don't forget a professional picture and web site links to the companies you have worked for. 

You should ensure that you are registered with all head-hunters / recruiters that specialise in your profession / geographic area of employment. That they know your preferences and are sending you automatic vacancy alerts on a regular basis. You should join any social media groups that are aimed at your profession, where you will see job advertisements and collaborate with your head-hunter to ensure you are introduced as a potential candidate, for as many suitable roles as possible.

It is not sufficient to simply hope, that someone is going to some how, telepathically know, of your potential and possible availability for their company. It is down to you to communicate and show willing. Try following one, or all of the steps above, and next year should be a big improvement financially on this year.

Best of fortune!

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About the Author:

Marcus Doo is a Managing Partner of Mood Group – A specialist Head-hunting and Recruitment practice to the Printing, Packaging & Industrial Processing sectors.

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Dear Mr
Attached is my resume in English
Where I have long experience in accounting, finance, economics and management, where I worked in Iraq for 7 years in the Ministry of Industry of Iraq and 25 years in Yemen ,6 years in Egypt. I've sent you a CV request for one of the following jobs:
Financial and Economic Consultant.
General manager.
Financial Manager
Financial controller. .
Cost Manager
Financial Management Analyst Statements
Auditng manager
Please check .
Best regards
Ahmed Abdel Razek Mohammed Askar
Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 17:28 by ahmed abdelrazik mohamed
Thank you Marcus, I like the Article, clear guideline. I'm a regular visitor to your site. wish you all the best

Islam Mahmoud
Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2018 17:21 by Islam Mahmoud
Thanks Marcus for this will share it, quite an eye opener.
Posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2015 07:56 by Molly Nderi
This is a wonderful make-ready commentary for 2016. I effectively share out with my colleagues. Cheers Marcus
Posted on Monday, November 02, 2015 17:45 by peter ochola
good for 2016 planining
Posted on Saturday, October 31, 2015 14:07 by pramod vartak
Dear Marcus,
Your article mentions precisely the points basing on which assessments is to be made & decision to be taken. Thank you, BR, KNR Sharma
Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2015 04:51 by knr sharma
Thank You Marcus.. its really useful
Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 10:38 by Shoaib Bashir
Dear Marcus

Thank you too much, its really useful, and help me to check where I'm.

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 09:35 by Hesham Younis
It is so nice and a deep guidelines of adherence to the new generation of professional candidates
Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 06:36 by Rambabu Pinnereddy
Thanks Marcus, Its useful article and provides with the steps for the next year planning for me
Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 05:40 by Zeeshan
Marcus, its truly a guideline to adhere to.
Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 05:25 by ahmad raza
Thank you Marcus, very useful.
Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 05:03 by Nasser
Dear Marcus,

The article was very useful reading.

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 04:32 by Camillus
It is very useful to me, and gave some idea about my plan for 2016.

Thank you Marcus..
Posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 21:32 by Rajesh Kumar
Feedback session with HR is just like supplier peeformance evaluation where u can ask for price cut, better quality and many other services.

Book a slot today and have feedback session is very important i will do it
Posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 17:18 by imran iqbal

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