The right people, at the right time and within the right budget!

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The right people, at the right time and within the right budget!

07 April 2021

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The right person, at the right time and within the right budget!

If you are a business owner or manager, then what I am about to say I feel sure, will resonate with you.





Before I was a Head-hunter, I ran businesses in the Print & Packaging sectors in the UK and the Middle East – I recall my main challenge in running and growing my businesses (and in fact one of the reasons we started Mood Group) was to find the right people, at the right time and within my budgets!


Often it was a case of either not finding any of the three parameters at all, or sometimes I was finding one or two, but rarely did I manage to find all three at the same time. I often remember thinking, and particularly when I was facing frustration over not achieving a goal(s) I had set for the business, why is it so difficult to get just what I want and need, right when I want and need it?


I often remember thinking that it would be absolutely amazing, if….

·       I had someone; I could turn to who I could share my business needs with.

·       Someone, who could understand my wishes and aspirations inside out.

·       Someone who could almost read my mind and who would then go away with that information and return soon after with some candidate options which within a short period of time afterwards, would lead me to meeting and securing my ideal person for that particular requirement for the business. 


I remember thinking I wish I had that “fairy godmother” who could hear my needs, waive their wand, press the magic button and the rest would be history! ��


In 2010, presented with some requests to help some clients in the Printing & Packaging sectors with their talent needs and remembering how strongly I used to feel on the subject, we set up Mood Group to cater to just the same. We wanted Mood Group to be that discreet resource that magically solved all those business problems for our clients. 11 years later it is very satisfying to have secured many satisfied clients in various countries, having introduced many high calibre professional candidates to them. We are very proud of our results and achievements for our clients and continue to build on our business relationships around the world. We would like to do the same for you and your business.


So, if you are facing any level of frustration with, or dissatisfaction from not having the right people in the right place, at the right time for the right budget - then I’m giving you a magic button to press, please call or email Mood Group and we’ll do the rest. The best bit about it is, the service is completely free, up until the point that our candidate(s) starts with your organisation and then our charge is only a very reasonable percentage of their first year’s remuneration – What have you got to lose?


We look forward to hearing from you - +44 7960 200 503 


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