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09 June 2020

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The unexpected is happening.

We have experienced many crises and many difficult situations, but very few people expected to experience a pandemic during their lives. I didn't.

For the past few months, we have suffered a total or partial lockdown, and the death toll still increases every day. Many people feel overwhelmed these days, which is quite normal: we have no visibility into our future. We made plans based on some assumptions that have been completely wiped out by the coronavirus. We feel insecure and the economy has frozen. Our opportunity pipeline has suddenly evaporated and we need to get prepared to a "new normal" that is not yet clear. We feel lost.

As leaders, we face a great challenge, which is also a great opportunity to be successful again. But where do we have to start? It is good to step back and think about what made us successful in the past. If we dig into our memories, we will find that the main source of success is always the same: people. We cannot achieve anything without the right team. Today, in the midst of the worst crisis of our lives, having the best team on board is more important than ever!

However, what made us successful in the past is not enough. Even the experience we gained ten years ago is not enough now. Ten years ago, we faced a global financial crisis and learned to deal with it. Nevertheless, our society has changed a lot in the last decade. Some core values have changed forever, and leaders must act in line with current values if they want to be successful.

We still don't know how we will get through this, but we already know that we'll get out together.

Collaboration and community are the keywords of today. Nothing good can happen if we decide to stay inside our castle and we don't care about those that are outside.

It's funny: the moment we are confined inside the walls of our home, we realize that our ability to break down walls will make us successful again.

Breaking down walls requires empathy, authenticity, respect, an open mind, integrity and curiosity. But it also requires that our values be fully aligned with this new reality, where the community is more important than the individual and stakeholders are more important than shareholders.

People are the main source of success. Values are the glue that transforms a group of professionals into a winning team. Possibly, our internal values have to be reset and aligned with the new reality. Let's take some time to think about this in depth. Then we will be ready to win again.

About the Author

Stefano Lacaita is a business advisor, providing expertise and guidance to companies that want to be successful in a fast-changing world.

For 30 years, he has gained international executive experience as a General Manager in a broad variety of companies, industries, countries and contexts. He lived in two continents, has done business in more than 30 countries and speaks six languages. Additionally, he acquired professional experience in packaging, retail, cinema, technology, labelling, IoT, luxury, paper, apparel, food, music, office supplies, furniture, medical devices, among others.

Today, this diverse experience allows him to enjoy a 360-degree perspective, personalise his support, offer unique points of view and provide long-term value to business leaders. He is an Expert for Change.

Mood Group evangelises and subscribes to the philosophy of the English Proverb – Experience is neither inheritance nor legacy!

We advocate that its in our client’s best interests to focus their attention and resources to the areas of their business they know best, and would be considered unique to themselves.

As part of a process of “realisation” and “thinking outside of the box”, and particularly in these most challenging of times, Mood Group are introducing a season of guest authors from the Print & Packaging & Industrial Processing sectors whose words might provide “food for thought” and "inspiration" to those seeking additional ideas on how to improve their business and also how to navigate the present changes as they develop and unfold.

Where ever requested Mood Group has the most comprehensive worldwide register of talented individuals that we can introduce you to whose services are available either on a permanent or non permanent basis.

Marcus Doo - Managing Partner - Mood Group 

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Realistic view with fighting spirit.
Posted on Friday, June 19, 2020 11:46 by Angshuman Chakraborty

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