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The truth and values of partnering with your recruitment agency.

31 August 2015

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I have lost count, of the number of times I have held a discussion with a candidate who shares with me their disappointment, in their lack of success in securing job opportunities, via direct applications to employers.


Let me share with you some thoughts on the matter.


Once you have made a direct application to a company for an advertised opportunity or a speculative introduction for a future opportunity, you immediately alienate yourself from your recruiter. They are no longer entitled to represent/introduce you and ultimately earn themselves a fee from that company! 


My advice to you, would be to partner with your recruitment agency. Share with them details of companies you would like to work with. Opportunities you have seen advertised or heard of.  Get them on your side, and working to secure what you want.


"…You would say that…." I hear you say - well here are my reasons below and why recruitment agencies work hard, to earn their fee and get you, your dream job.


Your recruitment agency; 


  1. Should know you and your capabilities. They will present you professionally. Help shape your CV and application, to be most relevant to each opportunity.


  1. Should know the assignment and whether you are a good match. They will prevent you from discrediting yourself by applying for something you would not be considered for. Some employers will not put in writing, some criteria that they are using for selection processes, which you will not know, but your recruiter will.


  1. Should, in some cases, know the client well enough to get you to interview stage on the strength of their recommendation. Brief and prepare you for the interview process. Possibly share insights on the company/Interviewer’s style.


  1. May have already filled assignments with the employer, and thus have an established relationship, giving you more credibility, over someone coming from a non head-hunter/recruiter source.


  1. Should know the market rates and the packages that the client provides, and your likely chance of achieving your desired remuneration.


  1. Will act as a go between, keeping all parties in harmony together for a successful outcome. Will also assist later with the formalities to obtain visa’s if required etc.


  1. Should know their clients well and their future plans. Many roles are not advertised by clients but are given to recruiters, unofficially or in strict confidence.


  1. Should work for a specialist recruitment agency to your industry and be a specialist from your industry themselves. Therefore knowing how to interpret your value and experience and introduce you to people who want to meet you. Sometimes even creating roles for the right candidate.


  1. Should keep you well informed of everything that is happening, good news or bad. They should be controlling the whole process on your behalf.


  1. Should always be discreet and keep all your details highly confidential and coordinate with you regarding which opportunities you wish to be considered for.


Think of your head-hunter as your career adviser. They won’t encourage you to work for companies that have high staff turn over or that they have market intelligence, indicating it would not be a good move for you. They will partner with you and should gain an understanding of your current points of dissatisfaction and then seek to ensure that your new job ticks as many of the boxes on your wish list as possible. 


So, how do you start the process? 

Firstly, you should log into your account on your recruitment agencies CRM system and check that all your details are current and correct.


Please include….


  1. The name of past and present employers
  2. Correct employment dates
  3. Preferences of where you would like to work
  4. Designation
  5. Industry specialism
  6. Desired salary package. 


You should set up your automatic vacancy alerts and make sure you are following all their social media channels. In this way, not only do they now have all your details and preferences, they also have a method of communicating with you automatically, just as your dream job arises. Present yourself as the ideal candidate; include all your great skills and experience that will put your application above the competition.


Good Luck!


About the Author

Marcus Doo is a Managing Partner of Mood Group. A specialist head-hunting and recruitment practice to the Printing, Packaging and Industrial Processing sectors.




I do greatly appreciate and share thoughts of Marcus Doo. He once engaged me on phone about an opportunity matching my key skills in printing though I ended up not securing the opportunity. I'm still optimistic that Marcus will fit me somewhere since I fit in print operations, management and consultancy. Cheers!
Posted on Friday, September 04, 2015 09:32 by Peter W Ochola
Nice and very informative article. The recruiting agency plays a vital role in bringing two parties together and matching them with one another, and ensuring their association is long term and fruitful to both .Shall surely share with my colleagues.
Posted on Wednesday, September 02, 2015 13:02 by Sadanand
I must admit that without MOOD Group as my career advisor, it would be extremely hard to get myself into a new job.
The job of a recruiter is to advertise live vacancies and find new candidates, therefore they’re looking for us. They have been given these jobs by external companies, which means these companies will not be advertising their jobs online. Without the recruiter advertising the jobs, We wouldn’t even know about it. So, I think it is extremely important for a job seeker to build a relationship with the recruiter based on trust, integrity and respect.
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2015 14:19 by Samiullah Sajjad
Thanks Marcus for this post and it's very insightful in knowing the different roles headhunters are playing. It's great to have partnered with you. Thank you.
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2015 08:27 by Molly Nderi
Dear sir

I am Mohammad Othman Mechanical Engineer, working now in Jordan Press Foundation "Alra Newspaper" in position "Web and Commercial Press Manager" Responsible for all production Process and maintenance procedures.
I am looking now for a new opportunity included my CV.

Thanks for your concerning
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2015 08:16 by mohammad ahmad othman
It's been a great pleasure being in contact with mood group, I have found and applied for my dream job here. I could not imagine that I can see so many relevant jobs at one platform. I heartily congratulate management for such a nice and helpful service.
Best Regards
Nadeem Gilani
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2015 05:40 by Nadeem Gilani
Hi sir i am inbaraj diplamo in printing tech 8 years experience production and quality department and i have good knowledge in color manegement & man power handling my cell no 09843765421
Posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2015 04:19 by Inbaraj
I have been intouched with Mood Group and found them very transparent & professional ... i fully agree to their approach towards creating partnerships.

Thanks Marcus & Paul ..
Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015 17:38 by Asim
Hello Sir

First i would like to congratulate you for going deep in to subject .
well i do believe " When the question comes for your dream Job and Company" very obvious answer would be top companies ,
This answer comes without knowing their Internal way of working their strategy "
the recruiter should understand the achievements compare to working atmosphere and organization strategy and to matched with future assignments.

thanks & regards
Posted on Monday, August 31, 2015 16:36 by Sachin Trivedi

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