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How to increase sales and profits on Facebook for Free part 2

04 June 2018

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How to increase sales and profits on Facebook for Free part 2 .

Presuming you acted on the advice from the first article and/or already had some/all of those steps in place, it’s now time to do a few extra things.

Firstly, we recommend creating your own Facebook Group this link explains some of the benefits of a Facebook Group over a Facebook Page – suffice to say, each has their place and you should have both too.

Habits should be developed from the beginning, to post meaningful information relating to your business and its clients in both the group and on the company page and links to both within each so in effect driving traffic backwards and forewords.

Through both the group and the page one can now startup company discussions, engagement, event planning, special offers, new products and videos. All of which build up your community of users, followers, advocates and community members, who are interested to hear from your company and who are most likely to like and share the material which, should attract additional future clients.

Whom ever is responsible for your company’s social media, should paste your group and page Url’s on a regular basis on any other social media platforms you use such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+.

That same person should also be trawling the net looking for relevant and interesting articles and news which can be customized/branded to be shared to both the page and group, which in turn has a likelihood of being shared on and thus raising your following.

Just as in the first article - the above is just “food for thought” – we would be pleased to hear any of your ideas and/or present successes in the comments below and indeed any achievements we can share with our community.

For those not already a member or following our page here are some links below for your easy use, please share with others too.

About the author

Marcus Doo is a Managing Partner of Mood Group – if you are having a challenge staying on top of your social media activity why not tell us and we can introduce you to a “guru” who will take care of that for you.


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