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How to drive sales and increased profits from Facebook for Free.

30 April 2018

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It never fails to surprise me how many companies I research as potential clients for Mood Group that have little or no presence/visibility on Facebook and for something that can be completely free to use, I find that not only a golden missed opportunity but a travesty as well! 

Therefore as a starting point I am going to list the following action points as “low hanging fruit” to start with – I will follow up with a second blog on how to leverage the various components together to increase your Facebook following but the building blocks need to be in place first.

Also - if this community knows any good idea’s I have missed please add them to the comments below so we can all use them to our benefit.

  1. Login to Facebook and Create a company page
  2. Put a link to your company Facebook page on your company website – make it very visible.
  3. Put a link to your company Facebook page on your email signatures across the company.
  4. Include a link to your company Facebook page on any electronic presentations you use and publish about your business.
  5. Post information (content) on your Company Facebook page about your company, your products and services and news relating to your sectors that is likely to draw “followers” and people to “like” your page and thus to be able to see your content whenever they log into Facebook. ( which is apparently once a day for at least half an hour on average �� )

Good good – when you have done all the above and started posting to the page you are light years ahead of where you were when you started – please let us know when you are interested to learn/hear about the next stage in your Facebook success in the comments box below.

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About the author:

Marcus Doo is a Managing Partner of Mood Group – if you are having a challenge staying on top of your social media activity why not tell us and we can introduce you to a “guru” who will take care of that for you.






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