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Knowledge is Power !

30 August 2017

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Knowledge is power. What did you learn about your business today?


As a small business, we know very well that we do not know everything. We are always learning every day, as us all. No one knows as much as everyone.


However, we do think our small business is more productive than a large one because innovation is more attainable. We learn first-hand about our customers and their concerns. We work closely with our colleagues and customers and can share ideas with less bureaucracy to wade through. We run a tight ship, pay attention to details and support each other as much as we can, no matter what, where ever we can. It’s our goal to build long term relationships. We are always available 24/7 in this technological world, there should be no excuse not to. We are disciplined and passionate about our customers every day. This strong work ethic is one of our main goals, that we live by.


One aspect close to our hearts is we like to build strong relationships with our suppliers too, as we feel they are just as important as our customers. We treat everyone that we engage with, equally. Our customers are King but so are our suppliers. We like to surround ourselves with quality, professional suppliers whom are there if we need and reach out. We select them carefully and like them, strive for the highest performance of our business. We are accountable to our customers, suppliers and ourselves for our words and to deliver on promises. Surely all professionals believe this and would like to be known by their integrity, sincerity, honourability and sincerity. We certainly do.


We continue to grow our small business by networking, sharing and learning. We are very proud of the relationship’s we have made and continue to look for likeminded professionals whom have the same interests and beliefs. We take pride and satisfaction in our work every day. Being a small business owner is a difficult feeling to describe. Our good reputation is one we work hard to achieve and protect day by day. Every day the buck stops here and the decisions we make effect our reputation. We are all accountable for our actions and we should certainly strive to treat everyone as we ourselves would like to be treated.


As our network, knowledge and reputation grow, so does our passion for our small business. We cheer, all those small, passionate, persistent, bureaucracy free business owners around the world. Let’s continue to quench our thirst for knowledge in our sectors and make our customers experience a positive one for tomorrows new business.


Please share and comment on what you learnt about your business today?


About the Author:

Marcus Doo is a Managing Partner at Mood Group, a specialist Head-hunting and Recruitment Agency to the Print, Packaging & Industrial Processing sectors.


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Very well and nicely said. Based on my experience every stage and size of business has its advantages and disadvantages although a small business has this "extra charm" because you "get a kick" every time you achieve a goal no matter how small it might be, you are devoted and highly motivated to meet every client's need the best you can and that is why in that stage your business has the fastest growth and learning is almost "natural". The problem occurs when the business outgrows the organisation, then you have to change the strategy, organisation and management . If your business "survives" that point from organisational point of view it has a very good chance to continue successfully and keep some of the good practises of a small business. There is no universal recipe, we all have to find the best combination but learning about every segment of your business no matter the size is the universal key. It is important not to forget about it as we grow.
Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2017 07:36 by Ivana Belavic

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