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Is your LinkedIn Profile holding you back

24 July 2019

Why? Why not? Why not you? Why not you now? ……LinkedIn Profile  Should you have one? Do you have one? How accurate and detailed is yours? LinkedIn was founded nearly 20 years ago, in 2002 and is used as a...

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3 ways to set goals that you will actually achieve

06 February 2017

  Do you have a pile of uncompleted goals hanging over you? It’s a common issue for most people. Many of us set ourselves targets and goals. We start out with good intentions. And then they get abandoned by the wayside....

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Career Planning

18 July 2016

Career Planning   Having a career plan is important. It can help you manage the direction you want your career to take, the job skills and knowledge you will need, and how you can get them. A great career plan relies...

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Writing a good CV

04 May 2016

Writing a good CV All of us have to apply for jobs for a start, a change or a necessity as the need may be. How many of us, do you think, apply with the same generic, standard CV for...

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16 March 2016

PROFITABILITY: THROUGH PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND MEASUREMENT.   What is described herein involves both employers and employees and as such they should recognize the benefits of a performance management and measurement system whether it currently exists or not.   For companies to achieve...

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How to make your CV mobile-friendly

31 January 2016

As mobile phones become smarter, recruiters are also following suit. In the last three years, social media recruitment went from 39 percent to over 52 percent . And most of this recruitment was done via some sort of mobile technology. Recruiters...

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How you are leaving your current employment.?

01 December 2015

As important as it is how you prepare to apply for your next career opportunity through the medium of your CV it is equally important as to how you prepare to leave your current employment. The reality is your CV...

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How to earn more next year, than you did this year.

27 October 2015

Most of us, would like to see our income increasing, year on year and presumably, if you are reading this article then that applies to you as well? Like all things in life that we aspire to, it helps to...

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How to prepare for a Skype interview with your future employer.

27 September 2015

  Congratulations – your CV has been reviewed by a potential employer and they have expressed an interest in Skype interviewing you for your dream job – how do you go about ensuring you are as well prepared as you possibly can be...

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A Good CV can open doors for you!

01 August 2015

  A Good CV can open doors for you! Your first contact with the employer is your CV. If it is just right, you are ‘in’, and the rest of the process follows smoothly. This is not to say, that the...

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