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26 November 2015

The statement may surprise you. You are thinking that all the positions have been filled, the business is sailing along smoothly, all the signs are green. So why should recruitment be an ongoing activity for me? In the short term,...

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How to earn more next year, than you did this year.

27 October 2015

Most of us, would like to see our income increasing, year on year and presumably, if you are reading this article then that applies to you as well? Like all things in life that we aspire to, it helps to...

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How to prepare for a Skype interview with your future employer.

27 September 2015

  Congratulations – your CV has been reviewed by a potential employer and they have expressed an interest in Skype interviewing you for your dream job – how do you go about ensuring you are as well prepared as you possibly can be...

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The truth and values of partnering with your recruitment agency.

31 August 2015

I have lost count, of the number of times I have held a discussion with a candidate who shares with me their disappointment, in their lack of success in securing job opportunities, via direct applications to employers.   Let me share...

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A Good CV can open doors for you!

01 August 2015

  A Good CV can open doors for you! Your first contact with the employer is your CV. If it is just right, you are ‘in’, and the rest of the process follows smoothly. This is not to say, that the...

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Middle East Print Market Set To Reach $20 Billion By 2016

02 February 2015

UAE: Middle East Print Market Set To Reach $20 Billion By 2016 Middle East share of global print market expected to reach $20bn by next year , 2015-02-01 Over 10,000 printing industry professionals are expected to descend on Dubai in April...

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Why should I interview you ?

10 July 2014

Please tell me why I should interview you ?   It never fails to amaze me how many candidates I meet / hear from via the various channels open to us all now, seem to be under the impression that with only the...

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What's there to be excited about for those employed within the Printing & Packaging sectors in the Middle East & Africa?

15 January 2014

  Seemingly, within the MEA region, there are few other parts of the world where there are so many positive and optimistic factors for those employed in the Printing, Packaging & Media sectors. Be reassured and optimistic and look forward.   Let’s start...

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