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Is your LinkedIn Profile holding you back

24 July 2019

Why? Why not? Why not you? Why not you now? ……LinkedIn Profile  Should you have one? Do you have one? How accurate and detailed is yours? LinkedIn was founded nearly 20 years ago, in 2002 and is used as a...

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5 Reasons why your CV might be preventing you from reaching interview stage.

04 June 2019

I read many CV’s each day, in the course of performing my occupation as a head-hunter/recruiter. It amazes me how many CV’s I see, that have one or more of the following faults with them. So much so, that I...

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The Diverse World of Print & Packaging

13 May 2019

Having recently made the transition from working within various Account Directing / Print Management roles and into the world of Head Hunting and recruiting, I wanted to find a way to illustrate just how diverse and rich our Print and Packaging...

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Are your documents ready?

05 April 2019

Congratulations – you have made the decision to make your next career move or better still you already have started the process and you receive an invitation to interview or even better still again you have completed the interview process and...

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Here are 4 FREE LinkedIn tips to improve your employment / career opportunities

05 December 2018

  Here are 4 free LinkedIn tips for you to use to improve your employment / career opportunities – please do add any ideas of your own in the comments below and hit the share button to enable your network to benefit from...

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We love success stories - Case study 1

11 September 2018

Mood Group regularly communicates with and updates owners, board members and senior management teams as to the range of specialist head-hunting and recruiting solutions we provide to the Print, Packaging & Industrial Processing sectors. As a direct consequence of one such...

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Case Study 1

How to keep yourself tuned in with a finger on the pulse

20 August 2018

    In order to impress your colleagues and boss, ensure you are the first with the knowledge, keep yourself tuned in with your finger on the pulse ….please like, comment and share the links below, which will provide you lots of...

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How to increase sales and profits on Facebook for Free part 2

04 June 2018

How to increase sales and profits on Facebook for Free part 2 . Presuming you acted on the advice from the first article and/or already had some/all of those steps in place, it’s now time to do a few extra things....

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How to drive sales and increased profits from Facebook for Free.

30 April 2018

It never fails to surprise me how many companies I research as potential clients for Mood Group that have little or no presence/visibility on Facebook and for something that can be completely free to use, I find that not only...

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A Day in the life of a Mood Group head-hunter / recruiter

09 March 2018

A Day in the Life of a Mood Group headhunter / recruiter.   Each day at Mood Group provides us something different. Every day is varied and variety is the spice of life, which keeps us pleasantly on our toes. Our days...

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